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Mastodon is a social network based around posts, aka “microblogging”. It is very similar to Twitter in functionality, but allows for longer posts, making it comparable to old school Facebook. 

Mastodon is ad-free and open source and hosted on a network of federated servers. For the beginner user this only matters during the sign-up process. Accounts can see posts from all connected communities, just like one central platform like Facebook or Twitter.

We are recommending Mastodon due to its maturity and ease. There are platforms closer to Facebook out there, but their management is less open, they are harder to use, or they’re primarily used by hate groups.



Mastodon provides all the main features required for creating posts and following your friends.

  • Privacy controls
  • Direct messages
  • Hashtags
  • Reply, share, favourite posts
  • Lists

Check out Mastodon’s documentation to learn about all the features offered.

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Mastodon’s documentation can answer any questions you have about using their platform.