Social Can Be Better Than This

Ads, infinite scroll, data mining…

We know that social network sites are designed to keep us engaged, rather than actually improve our social lives. We know we want something better, but we don’t know how to get it. Even if we could get the big players to change, do we even know what we would ask for?

But everyone’s on Facebook…

As Facebook acquires competitors like Instagram and WhatsApp this becomes even more true. It feels like a Catch 22, other networks won’t take off without users, and users feel like they have to stay on Facebook because that’s where their friends are.

We don’t have to wait…

Safe alternatives to Facebook’s apps already exist. Some have all the features you’re used to, while others are missing some bells and whistles. But do you really want bells? or whistles? Which features would you miss, do you know? What features are out there that you didn’t know you needed?

Let’s take a break together

The operative word is social, it’s no fun trying a new social platform without your friends. This February, let’s all cut down our time on Facebook and try something new.

Try Mastodon

Use Facebook or Instagram? Check out Mastodon for an ad-free alternative to share content with your friends and followers.


Try Signal

Use WhatsApp or Messenger? Check out Signal for a totally private way to chat and make calls with your contacts.


Why join us?

Find out more about what we’re trying to achieve and why we chose Mastodon and Signal as our alternatives.


How to participate

Not everyone can quit Facebook for a whole month. Get our advice on different ways to make an impact and get others involved.